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Vicuña is one of the rarest and most precious fibres in the world, taken from the exceptional breed found in the Andes. The clothing creations for women in vicuña represent the essence of Loro Piana, as this most precious of fabrics is cultivated and expertly crafted into exquisite garments, while the rare animal the coat is taken from is protected. An item in vicuña is a lightweight, soft and natural garment, that conveys the exclusivity of this rare textile fibre.
The extraordinary uniqueness of vicuña fabric
Vicuña is one of the most noble fibres in the world, a raw material from a small camelid sacred to the Incas that inhabits the highlands of Argentina and Peru. This fine and supremely rare fibre is used in garments with an exceptional fit, while helping to protect the animals from the risk of extinction. Loro Piana offers tailored garments in vicuña of the highest quality. With the implementation of this unique fibre, Loro Piana offers women's garments with a sporty yet perpetually elegant look, suitable for daily commitments, travel and informal meetings.
Vicuña: Exclusive and casual women's clothing
The Loro Piana collection of women's garments in vicuña proposes elegant turtlenecks with collars in baby cashmere, which sit elegantly under a coat. Match with vicuña trousers for a refined fit, ideal for leisure and moments of pause, completing the outfit with a soft and versatile vicuña and baby cashmere jacket. For women who want to try the unique experience of a vicuña garment, Loro Piana also offers light and soft T-shirts, high-necked sweaters with a soft and fluffy weave, or long-sleeved polo shirts with exceptionally finished details. For maximised comfort you can choose a calf-length vicuña dress, to be worn with a wide-fit vicuña coat with double weave technique.

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Merano Trouser
Merano Trouser


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